Behavioral Mapping UC

For my behavioral mapping exercise I did the inside of the University Center, partially because it was freezing outside, and partially because it is a diversified space that is easy to draw a map of. I recorded my observations on the second floor at the front entrance. The activity was easier than I anticipated, and gave varied results which I thought were interesting. I recorded the number of people who came into the building and went up the stairs to either the offices on the third floor or the dinning hall on the fourth floor. Secondly, I noted the people who were walking straight through the lobby to Qdoba and Jamba Juice. Lastly, I recorded the group of people who walked into the lobby to sit on the chairs, or talk with friends who were standing. I made symbols that corresponded to each activity and tallied the amount of people who did those actions. It was hard to keep track of everyone, and if I were to do it again, I would have one person take the left side of the lobby, and another to take the right side; I would not change the observation point though, as the majority of people use this entrance.

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