Field Notes #3 Kenmore Park

In comparison to Old Mill Park, and City Dock Kenmore Park is the first “kid-friendly” park. The playground, in particular, was the most popular part of the park even given the time of the day. This is also the more popular park in Fredericksburg. The park is very big, and I was physically unable to reach all of the parks.

This was the first park, which we conducted interviews to the occupants of the park. Depending on where you were stationed, meant the number of people you were able to interview. I was stationed at the far entrance away from the playground (where most of the people were) so I was only able to interview one person in my hour there, and 7 people on my second visit. I conducted the survey which GEOG 365 made collectively in class.  One example of how the interview went the first-day is below.

Why did you come to the park today? To play tennis

How did you get to the park? I walked

How often do you come to this park? Often

What would you change about this park? Nothing I like it as is. 

Demographics: White Male Early 20’s

Overall, the class collected approximately 40 interviews in total with a wide variety of parks. As the first opportunity we had as a class to conduct surveys this was an interesting and informative chance to preview what we will be doing for our research project.

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