Park Data Analysis

After pulling all of our data together, the first thing that I notice from the pie charts is the majority; that most of the respondents are white, female, and the method of transportation is by car. Looking at the why did people come to the park column it, personally, makes me think of what people value in the park and in an open space such as exercise, relaxation, or spending time with loved ones.  I feel I should mention that actions to me are a method to reveal values and signal deeper meaning/motivation. Trying to categorize the uses can be tough because of the all the overlap in definitions and trying to decipher motivations. I like how in the book, the values that are used seemed to be very personal and human rather than generic. So maybe as a class we can think of example more specific and personal categories. A way of going about it may be to fill in the blank like “This person made the decision to come to the park today for _______.” and what we fill in the blank with could be a value category.

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