Park Survey Data- Google Spreadsheet

Overall, when looking at the data of 39 responses from 4 different parks (Alum Springs, City Dock, Kenmore, and Old Mill) there is a majority of female (66.7%) and white (79.5%) users in each of the parks. It also appears that many of the park users are driving to the parks (57.9%) and less are walking or using another form of transportation. From the additional notes, many are in groups with other adults or children. Also, many of the responses are from people who are using the park weekly.

I think putting the respondent’s reason for coming to the park into categories is helpful to see that most are utilizing recreation, exercise, dog care, or nature in the parks. Further, secondary reasons within those categories help breakdown the broad categories such as exercise.

There seems to be a pattern of activity or activities each respondent is coming to each of the parks to complete: Alum Springs— the respondents are all using the trails at the park; City Dock—using the parking lot or bench to take a break during their day; Kenmore—parents with children at the playground, play tennis, or use the green space; Old Mill Park—use the paths to jog or walk.

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