Count of Park Users



Boardwalk Trail

44 park users exiting and entering the park from the boardwalk trail. On average the user age appeared to be in between mid 30s to 40s.   Activities that occur were walkers and joggers, dog walkers and bicyclists.

Of the 44 people recorded, 15 were women and 29 were men. The race of the users ranged from 29 White, 11 Black, and 4 Unknown. Of these users, 3  dog walkers, 15 bicyclists, 15 runners, and 11 walkers.

Water St. Entrance

113 recorded park users with activities that included: walkers and joggers on the boardwalk, a family playing soccer and throwing a baseball to each other, women taking their dogs to the Dog Run, groups cycling through the park, and a group of men rollerblading.

The gender makeup of park users of the 113 include: 51 women and 62 men. In addition, race of the 113 park users (when the user was too far or I was unable to determine, the user was marked UN for Unknown): 77 White, 14 Black, 1 Hispanic, 1 Asian/Pacific, and 20 Unknown. *Disclosure: I did not include the employees of the Capital Riverfront, since they were not “park users,” but for transparency there were 2 Black men cleaning up trash and fixing chairs.

Park Gardens

On March 26th, we conducted an observational study on the park users in the Yards Park. The observations were conducted as they entered through the side entrance of the park gardens. The observation included a quantitative study of the number of users observed in the one hour the observation was conducted, along with a qualitative study of the race, and gender of the park users. During the observational study, 43 people were observed entering the park. Of those 43 people, 27 were White, 11 were Black, and 3 Asian, and 2 unknowns. There were 21 men and 22 women.

Behavioral Mapping

Map Key:

Turquoise Dot represents a family; family meaning one or more adults with at least one child

Yellow/Orange Dot represents a one or more park visitors walking

Brown Dot represents one or more park visitors running

Green Dot represents one or more park visitors biking

Pink Dot represents a family or singular walker with a dog

Navy Blue Dot represents someone sitting either in a chair, on a bench, or on the ground

Yards Survey

Perceived Gender?

Perceived Race?

Mode of Travel

Estimated Park Usage?

Why did you come to the park today?

In what way would you improve this park?

The comprehensive results of our survey can be found here.