The Yards Park, can be described as a new and refreshing waterfront destination, along the Anacostia River in Washington, DC. The overall purpose of the park serve to provides green space and water features for the public to enjoy the outdoors. The park incorporates modern and contemporary park design which complements the growing technology and design of Washington, DC. The park is a privately owned park by Capital Riverfront BID which operates and maintains the park, and allows it to be open and accessible to the public.The park is also surrounded by high rise housing, restaurants, and shops. The park combines  green space and commercial use for mixed usage.  The park attracts different kinds of social and physical outdoor activity such as biking, jogging, rollerblading, relaxing, and water activities. In addition to physical activity, the park is often used for dining, music, festivals, and drinking.  The Friday Night Concert Series is a popular event in the park which includes various music artists for visitors of the park to enjoy. In understanding the social dynamic of The Yards Park, it is important to note what attracts various kinds of visitors and their different purposes. The occupants of the people in the park can be split into ones who come to spend money versus those who come for free activity in the park. It is very possible to do both in the Yards Park.

The Yards parks features which encourage  “The Overlook” mostly used for eating consists of bistro tables and chairs for groups on individuals to bring their food and enjoy the scenery of the park. The Terrace Lawn Steps, people relaxing in grass areas for reading, Canal Basin and Waterwall is there for families to enjoy the water and provides a decorative water feature on hot summer days.The “Dancing Fountains” at the entrance to Yards Park, is also present for families and smaller children for playful and cool fun during the summer. There is even a special night feature where the fountain area is illuminated with color-changing. The “Dog Run” park is a special feature which visitors can bring their dogs to play, and also interact with other dogs. Overall, the park achieves its purpose a open, green space which attracts diverse visitors for commercial and outdoor purposes.