Ball Circle Behavioral Mapping


This was my first attempt at behavioral mapping and I did not do a map. I instead just observed the behaviors of the people around me for a 30 minute period and sectioned off areas where these behaviors were most prevalent. My behavioral mapping skills have improved significantly since then because of the overall project and other outside the class observations. I sat at the bench in front of Lee after class when you told us to go behavioral map. The the section of campus walk directly in front of Ball Circle was mainly used for walking, bike riding, and an occasional runner. Sometimes people stopped to talk, but it was mainly used as a transportation way. I was the only one sitting on the bench. I think this is because it was very cold out. There were a couple of people on Ball Circle talking and then they went into the UC. This place seemed vacant during this time of year because I recall during warmer days it being a place of community. Overall, I think the behaviors were that of going through this place to get to another.

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