Description of Park Survey Data

The survey we gave out had 39 different responses among 4 different parks. The 4 parks were Alum Springs, Old Mill, Kenmore, and City Dock. The people surveyed were a majority white (80%), with the second highest race being Black (13%). The people surveyed were two thirds female and one third male. The main form of transportation to the park was by car (58%) with a close second being walking (40%). The races of people were relatively evenly distributed throughout the park. By this, I mean that all the black people surveyed were not at one park and this aspect does not need to be necessarily looked into further. This also goes for gender.

I thought that organizing some of the data into the categories on why they came to the park was helpful. I feel like this aspect is necessary in looking at how parks are designed. I say this because the other aspects are pretty evenly distributed, but people came to certain parks to do certain things. Nobody came to Alum to eat or brought there kids. They came to exercise or use it recreationally. The same goes for Kenmore. People came to Kenmore for a variety of reasons, but none of them were to exercise. This organizing of data shows that people do certain activities at parks in response to how they are designed. I also think grouping things into secondary groups based on the data is useful. I feel like the improvement question was too varied to get solid data and organization. However, the amount of times they visited could be split into different time categories.

Tate Houff

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