Field Notes #1 Tate Houff

Lee Hall Square/Ball Circle at The University of Mary Washington

Feb. 6, 2:30-3:30

Sunny, 60 degrees

I decided to start my field notes on what is basically a park in the middle of campus. Lee hall square is the cobblestone area out in front of Lee hall with Wooden benches, chairs, sandwich boards that advertise campus events, and trees. The day I observed it was mostly vacant with only another person sitting on the bench across the way from me. I was located on the bench closest to Virginia Hall. (a hand drawn map will be provided for all of these references. The square is more rounded with the wooden benches sitting on the border of the square and Ball Circle. Ball Circle is an open field with many lawn chairs scattered throughout. There is no order to these chairs, but on this day the people had arranged them in many different circles. They were reading, chatting, eating, and on computers. Some were laying on towels taking in the abnormally warm winter day. The space seemed designed for lingering, but it also had a large walkway through it for students and other people to pass through easily unhindered. The ethnic population was mostly white and female. The age group was around 18-25. This makes sense because it was on a college campus with a demographic that matches that description. I did notice that there was a chain around ball circle separating it from the rest of the campus. I don’t really know what to make of that except maybe to draw a more concrete boundary.

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