Field Notes #2- Hunter Berry

Fredericksburg Park Themes

Date: 2/12/17

Weather: Sunny, but Windy

Alum Spring Park: After visiting the park, I would say the theme is recreational and family. The park has many features of a recreational park: bike trail, nature trail, playground, and pavilion. It seems to be family oriented with the playground and the families walking on the trail observing nature.

Cossey Botanical Park: The park’s theme is landscape and garden that features a community garden and trails around landscaped trees of different breeds.

Dixon Park: The park theme appears to be recreational and family with a trail, sport fields, swimming pool, playground. But, it also has nature preserved areas which I would be under the environmental and nature theme. While there, I only saw a few people using the trails and children playing in the playground area.

Hurkamp Park: The park hosts farmer’s markets based on the sign leading me to believe it is an event, cultural, and arts theme park, but slightly a landscape and garden theme. The park has bricked sidewalks, benches, a fountain with plants surrounding. There were not many people in the park and they seemed to be walking through the park, not utilizing any of its features other than the brick paths.

While looking for parks to visit I found a great PDF document with all of Fredericksburg’s park facilities and their descriptions. (


Washington D.C. Park Research

This website lists all of the main DC parks and the characteristic of each park:

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