Field Notes 2/19/2017- Matt Smith

For my observations I went to the War Memorial Park and Hurkamp Park.

War Memorial Park- 2:20pm-2:35pm: I went to this park because I realized I missed it last week when I went out to identify themes. I would definitely say that it is an Historical/Interpretive park because it memorializes war and those who have fallen. I was also observing how people used the park. Most people just passed the park or walked around the perimeter while walking or riding a bike.

Hurkamp Park- 2:37pm-3pm: I walked to Hurkamp Park from the War Memorial Park and sat down to do observations from the bench. I was observing how different people used the park. I noticed how many different classes of people that were there, I made the observation based on clothing and bags and in the park I noticed the hostile architecture on the benches. For example: There were homeless people that were wearing jackets and had sacks in about 70 degree weather. I noticed that there was a group a young adults who were particularly well dressed (church attire?). And there was a couple who were dressed averagely for mild temperatures. Different activities that people were engaging in at the park. The couple was laying down and blanket with a dog. One of the guys that I presume to be homeless had bags under a magnolia tree. Interesting to note that he stood up and looked up and started to bite the branches at one point. Other than that he either laid down with his bag or just walked around. The other people that I presume to be homeless, two were black, male and female, and one was white and male sat on the benches the black man stood up and was looking through his bags with the woman standing near him. Eventually they left. two young black men who were talking about music walked through the park and the white homeless guy on the bench started to talk to one of them. The group of well dressed young adults kinda split up, three of them went over to the corner of the park and I believe they were taking pictures. The two others stayed by their blanket on the ground. Two other observations was that a white family with two children walked off and were looking at the plants. Also, a man and his daughter walked through park.

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