Field Notes #4 Behavioral Mapping

For my behavioral mapping, I observed Ball Circle. The temperature is pretty chilly so there isn’t as much activity as this area would see on a normal day. It was also a time period during classes so there were not as many people as I would see towards the time in between transitions to class. There was a tour who walked around, and a few students who were bench sitting or walking across. The main behavior I observed was the cutting to walk across the grass to get to the University Center. First, I would like to say it’s very hard to make behavioral mapping look aesthetically pleasing and I really wanted my map to look like “nice” but it was frustrating and a bit impossible. I looked up previous behavioral maps and even these were confusing to look at.


This map was my favorite.


Image result for behavioral mapping parks

Overall, I would say I don’t feel 100% ready to behavioral mapping and I may need a more physical demonstration of what to do. I don’t feel as though I received the experience given the lack of activity I observed that day.

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