Park User Survey

For our first survey as a class we went and survey a local park here in Fredericksburg, this park being Kenmore Park. Eight of us split up into four locations for us to conducted our survey. The time we started our survey was just after 9:30 am. The four spots that we had posted was one entrance off of Kenmore Ave, another was on Mary Ball St, a group by the tennis courts, and the last was off of Washington Ave at the entrance of Mary Washington Monument. Most of the participants came through the Mary Ball St entrance. According to the data 66.7% of the 39 responders were female and 33.3% were male. The majority of the responders were white with 79.5%. The last actual statistic we have is how people got to the park. 57.9% of the people came to the park by vehicle, while 39.5% walked and 2.6% biked. We are now moving onto two different locations one being The Yards park at the Navy Yard, Washington DC and the other is Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia.

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