Behavioral Mapping & The Yards Park Research

Behavioral Mapping:  I was unable to do this assignment because I was under anesthesia having my wisdom teeth removed.

The Yards Park Research:  From trying to find the master plan of The Yards Park, here are links to various information about the park.

[1] Conceptual images from 2002 of the park by the Robert A.M. Stern Architects ( – The Yards Master Plan – 2016-02-05).

[2] JD Land took pictures of the park prior to construction and after completion (

[3] In-Water Development Final Environmental Assessment of Yards park (

[4] Amendment #1 to Revised Master Plan Submission for the park from last year (

[5] NCPC Quarterly Report from 2008 on page 8 discusses the approval of preliminary park plans (

[6] Video describing “A future look at The Yards” park by Forest City Enterprises (

[7] An article by Allen Kenney on the park called “Reshaping Communities: Forest City’s The Yards” (

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