Washington/ DC area Urban Park Plans

When looking at Washington D.C. urban park plan I feel that it is important also to look at Arlington’s urban park plan since Arlington and D.C. are so close to each other.

Washington D.C. vision:


“Creating a diverse and well maintained world class urban park system that includes federal reservations as well as new urban parks.”

When I have gone to D.C. parks a constant theme I saw was history due to the fact that it is our nations capital. Most of the parks have some sort of historical value like an event or most of the time a statue.

Arlington County, VA  vision:


“Public spaces sustain a community and strengthen its identity by providing the common ground where diverse people can interact and come together to build the meaningful connections that are important to healthy community and civic life. Attractive, well conceived public spaces and the programs and activities that they support are key catalysts for community education, energy and growth. In a densely urban community, public spaces also protect natural areas and provide the environmental balance and relief so vital to long-term sustainability.”

While in Arlington is a little different in the way they create there parks. Even though some of the parks are dedicated to historic features like earthworks of civil war forts, a lot of the parks are more focused on sustainability and having people focus on the natural parts of a park.

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