Field Notes #1 City Docks/ Train Station


9:00 am

Partly Cloudy 58°F

City Docks, Fredericksburg VA 22401


Area is public space that is being maintained by Fredericksburg maintenance staff.

People utilizing the space by walking and walking their pets, in this case a dog.

Area for people to come park their vehicles

Drop off for boats/ boat ramp

River recently flooded over bank/ grass area.

Fred maintenance staffs are spraying off the silt that was brought up

Only spraying walking paths

They do it every time the river floods


Built environment

This area promotes loitering and recreational activities

Provides sitting spaces by having benches

Parking spots for vehicles

Houses on high ground

Piers and wharf built/ used for fishing

In adjoining property fake dogs used to deter any grazing of birds

Train bridge across river

City Docks is location of center pontoon bridge during civil war battle in Fredericksburg, December 11th – 16th 1862


Fredericksburg Train station

200 LaFayette Boulevard Fredericksburg VA 22401


Outside of station no real designated spot for people to sit and linger

Parking reserved only for handicap

Underneath train station is caged off, no access

Old train station, built in 1910, is now Bavarian Chef restraint

Up on train station platform are benches for people to sit and wait for train

Signs put up saying, “Do not cross tracks” to attempt to deter people from crossing the tracks.



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